Happy Holidays from our family to yours


happy holidays from Paul Albrighton's family


2020 proved to be a challenging year for all of us.  This New Year I am wishing you health and safety, and sharing my optimism for a better 2021. Thank you again for another year of your trust and referrals, it has been a pleasure working with some of my clients for the long term, with some over 12 years.  

We continue supporting the Transplant Research Foundation of BC since 2017, by contributing 1% of our annuals profits back to this cause. As a transplant recipient I would certainly not be here today writing this message without the innovation and research of Transplants in BC.  I am thankful most of all this year to my supporting colleagues and team mates, my family and fantastically loyal clients. I encourage you to consider donating to this cause, or if you have not registered yet to be an organ donor, please do so.  1 donor can save up to 8 lives.  Register at:  

I’m forever grateful for your support and look forward to speaking with you soon.  Have a fantastic 2021! 

- Paul Albrighton 

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