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Jameson House Sketches

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The long awaited Jameson House has now completed.  Well most of the suites have.  This building has impressed me since day 1, which was almost 5 years ago!  The overall design and concept is unique in its aesthetics with the use of curves, concrete and glass.  At first I was skeptical thinking the curves would make the spaces not very functional.  But Foster and Partners have truly succeeded in creating inspired living spaces that also work with daily life.  The interiors are simply beautiful!  And "simple" was the key to its success.  The layouts are focused around the views, the curved walls or balconies, and the "state-of-the-art" Dada Italian kitchens.  The attention to detail and design will impress.  The kitchens are topped off with Gaggeneu and Sub-Zero to name a few.  A few things that drew my eyes right away were: the grout lines on the smooth travertine floors match the door frames, cabinet lines, and wall tiles.  Its as if you are walking through a framed piece of art!  These lines also continue outside onto the matching marble surfaced patios.  There are no visible vents throughout the suite, there are small gaps at the ceiling lines in a few spots hidden around each apartment and hallway.  The use of stone and back-lighting give you a sense of "coolness" while walking through a Jameson House suite.  If you get impressed by clean lines and peaceful bright spaces, don't look any further.  For more information about buying or selling a home at the Jameson House, contact Paul Albrighton directly at 604-315-5574.   For now you can browse the MLS listings and few selected photos on our information page: