Vancouver Lofts and Condo deals Jan 13h

Great loft spaces within $320,000 purchase price. 

  • # 410 22 E CORDOVA ST – “Van Horne” This is the loft you inquired on.  This will probably sell for closer to $270,000.  This is at Van Horne a good Gastown loft building.  These double height loft spaces offer a lot flexibility to do what you want with the space.
  • # 413 1 E CORDOVA ST –  “Carrall Station” This is directly across the street from Van Horne in a building named Carall Station.  For a Gastown loft building this places offers good value.  This suite features updates including cherry hardwood and granite countertops.  The best part is tht it features a small outdoor balcony with great North Mountain views.
  • # 613 933 SEYMOUR ST –  “The Spot” This is Downtown’s best loft deal.  This property is priced over $30,000 less than a recent comparable sale.  It features a nice square loft layout and a full sized patio outside.  Plus its in very good shape.

One bedroom good value condos within $320,000 purchase price. 

  • # 1808 610 GRANVILLE ST – “The Hudson” in Downtown, a high-class building built by Peter Wall who built the Wall Centre.  This suite is offers great value but the layout is slightly small. 

 # 1001 501 PACIFIC ST – “The 501” This suite is located right near the seawall and False Creek.  This building offers great amenities including a large outdoor/indoor swimming pool.  This could probably be purchased for $295,000.

# 2603 977 MAINLAND ST – “Yaletown Park” This is a great high up one bedroom condo in a 1.5 year old building.  This could probably be purchased for $305k - $310k.

  1904 969 RICHARDS ST – “The Mondrian” This is a fantastic value.  Here you get a newer built BOSA building and over 580 sq.ft. for $324,900.  Similar suites have sold for $340,000+ this past summer.

  308 928 RICHARDS ST – “The Savoy” Another good centrally located downtown condo.

 # 1008 1001 HOMER ST – “The Bentley” a great building in the heart of Yaletown, featuring modern finishes and design.