UtherInteriors and Paul Albrighton in the Globe and Mail - 3D Tours

UtherInteriors and Paul Albirghton were featured in the Globe and Mail.

Few Pieces of the Article:


 - “From the home buyer’s standpoint, there’s no longer the frustration of being taken out to a house and rolling your eyes at the realtor after the 20th time, and saying, ‘Ok, let me explain this to you again. I need a workable office space. Don’t show me houses that have a closet for a work space,’” says Mr. Shuster.

van-virtual0625r_723225artw“They noticed that I do a lot of business online — it’s probably 60 per cent of my business,” says Mr. Albrighton, who specializes in marketing lofts. He also maintains a website as a loft listing service.

“I think it would be quite positive for special suites. I don’t know if I would do it for a small, quicker transaction,” says Mr. Albrighton. “I think the largest potential and what they will go after is developer business, places that aren’t built yet. The display suite is usually the best suit, but this would allow them to make a virtual tour for quite a few floor plans.”


Making a mark on the Real Estate World, the new 3D Virtual Tour from Utherverse have recieved plenty of press.  Read the following article, and please email me your comments. Read Globe and Mail Article Now - Vancouver Real Estate Gets a Second Life by Kerry Gold.