Great Vancouver Modern Lofts and Townhouses below $1.4M

Modern Efficent Vancouver Properties for sale


Here is a great selection of modern Townhouses in Yaletown, Fariview, False Creek North and Coal Harbour currently for sale under $1,400,000


#501 1241 Homer St - Yaletown Loft - This is a very stylish building which was completed in 2009.  The layouts are very nice with a "sheek classic modern" touch.  There is an indoor/outdoor den with a garage styled opening wall for air, two good sized separated bedrooms, two patios, one patio is 120 sq.ft.  with an outdoor gas fireplace.  The building is located 3 blocks from the seawall.  Check out this building webpage for more photos of the inside: .  This unit has one parking, it is listed at a good price of $1,129,000.  They were sold from the developer last year for $$1,169,000.

#604 1275 Hamilton St - Yaletown Penhtouse Loft -  It offers a great layout, stylish interior, and a 900 sq.ft. private rooftop patio.  This is also located 3 blocks from the seawall.  Along that seawall there are plenty of parks.

PH6 1155 Mainland - Conversion Yaletown Loft - This unit has a decent layout with 1212 sq.ft. and a good size rooftop patio.  It is less than $1.1M because the interior is dated (from 1997) and not as modern as the first two properties above.  This unit also comes with 2 parking stalls.  This has good potential.  This is located right by the two properties above. 

PH4 1216 Homer St - Yaletown Heritage Penthouse Loft - This penthouse loft has a much more classic feeling with plenty of reclaimed wood, and a dramatic stone fireplace.  This loft has a "warm" home feeling, and a rooftop patio which is approx 300-400 sq.ft.  Again, this place is about 3-4 blocks from parks and seawall.  This building has preserved it original character quite well.

850 W 8th Ave - Koi Fairview Townhouse - Located across the Bridge, not too far from Granville Island.  It does have a decent patio/deck off the master suite on the top floor.  It is about 8 blocks from any parks or seawall.  These interiors are beautiful, but split over 3 levels.  Good value and design for $775,000.

576 Nicola St - Coal Harbour Cascina Townhouse - Coal Harbour is on the North End of Downtown near the Financial District.  The audience of people who live here are plenty of Downtown executives, new "empty nesters", and plenty of second residences for out-of-town owners.  This neighbourhood is very quiet for Downtown, and features some of the most expensive property in the city.  This unit is right near the seawall, and a 20 minute walk along the seawall to Stanley Park.  The area is beautiful.  This is an good entry level townhouse for this area, but still very nice.  The decor is relatively modern and good with 1335 sq.ft.  And there is a patio out front.  It also has its own Garage underground which is a huge bonus for security, storage and privacy.  Additionally the building it is in, has 5 star amenities; pool, gym, theatre, concierge...etc.

1463 Hastings St - Coal Harbour Vancouver Townhouse - This is very similar to the Townhouse mentioned above.  It is nicer inside, but about 1-2 blocks from the seawall.  This unit faces a beautiful lagoon from its sunny patio with some great views.  The interior styling is quite modern and clean, the building it is in is also fantastic with plenty of amenities.  The plan is split over 4 levels.  

1469 Howe St - Pomaria Yaletown Modern Townhouse - This is back in Yaletown, and one block from the seawall.  This is a modernist newer Townhouse with nearly 1500 sq.ft. and 3 bedrooms.  This building has very nice architecture, and is a LEEDE Green building - which is rare in Vancouver.   This webpage has more photos of the units:

1243 Homer St - Iliad Yaletown Vancouver European Style Townhouse - This is a European/Gothic inspired Townhouse in Yaletown right beside 1241 Homer St.  The interior design is beautiful and unique.  There is little outdoor space, but the inside it has 1323 sq.ft. split only over 2 levels. 

#402 1168 Richards St - Parkfront Yaletown Loft -
This is a very modern styled loft condo, it doesn't have much outdoor space, but is directly across the street from a city park.  It is located about 4-5 blocks from the seawall.  The design has very clean lines.  Inside only the best materials and fixtures have been used.  It also has the garage styled opening door to the den for air.




South Granville/Fairview:

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