February 2009 condo prices

These are REBGV statistics for February 2009.  Westside condos have decreased in value 15.2% since February 2008.  This is one of the lower numbers in Great Vancouver, possibly signaling a bottom price.

In my opinion, signs of a bottom market have already happened in the $250k - $400k price range on the Westside, the best deals seemed to more present and available in January and February. 

As a specific local example: there were a few listings in Yaletown and Downtown priced just below $300,000  These properties were sold as high as $385,000 only 8 - 10 months earlier.  These "deals" were still sold quickly.  Since these properties were on the market in January and February, either desperate sellers are less common or they are “waiting for a better time.”   Searching through the mls over the past three weeks, similar very-well priced property in non-existent.  This past February 50% of the offers I submitted or dealt with were involved in multiple offer situations – as each property was well priced. 

There has been a lot more activity in February and already in March over December ‘08 and January ‘09.  In February this year there were 97% more sales than in the previous month. 

“There are terrific opportunities out there right now, but with property listings continuing to decrease, those opportunities may be available only for a brief window of time,. said Dave Watt, president of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV).”

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