Updated list of great Vancouver Lofts priced under $700,000

Current list of great Vancouver lofts priced under $700,000

Property Link with details on each place:

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Koret Lofts in Gastown
#413 55 E Cordova -  It is next door to both a stairway, and a structural concrete wall making for extra sound insulation.  The suite shows beautifully, and it has plumbing in the entry storage area if you wanted to build a powder room.  This building has beautiful design and finish.  As I mentioned there will be less late evening noise.  This unit also has an owned parking stall which is rare in this building, adding great value.  This unit is very well priced.

#316 55 E Cordova - This is a similar unit to #413, with about 140 sq.ft. less space, and the parking stall that is leased in another local building.  Making the price less at $474,900.

#302 150 Alexander St - Gastown - This is away from some the Gastown action, but still down the street from a smaller bar.  This unit is really beautiful as it is in a heritage conversion building, and has beautiful Northern views.  The only Downside with Gastown water view units is you can hear the trains, which don't run too frequently, although there is an early morning commuter train that comes in around 5:30am - 6:00am.

#604 53 W Hastings - Paris Block - I've added this suite because it is beautiful inside.  It is located near Carrall so there are quite a few street people around, but you can see this is reflected in the price.  It has over 1000 sq.ft. and plenty of outdoor space.

#5 - 2 550 Beatty St - Beatty Street will have much less noise than Richards Street.  There is one bar on this street named Chambar which may have some noise, I cannot tell, but if this is a unit that faces the back lane (which is a dead -end) then it should be much quieter.  The listing doesn't have any photos, so I've included this link which has some photos from the past when it was for sale in 2007: (email Paul Albrighton for link).  This was the first heritage-conversion loft building in Vancouver done around 1985 - so the hallways and lobby are dated.  There are some incredible units within this building.  

#307 546 Beatty St -  This is a large 900+ sq.ft. unit.  This unit also faces the back lane so it will be quiet.  The open concept design is very nice, and the kitchens and bathrooms are new.  The building was completed in 2008.  This unit is worth closer to $555,000 - $560,000.  Mind the photos, the loft is in desperate need of some good lighting.  

#1115 1333 W Georgia St - This is the architectural building I mentioned in Coal Harbour.  It was first built in 1969 as a modernist styled earth-quake proof building, as it is suspended from the top.  Here's my information page: http://www.albrighton.ca/the-qube-1333-w-georgia-st.html  This unit has 771 sq.ft. and nice North West views.  The high ceilings and open design make it very functional.  This unit is worth in the high $480's.  This is my favourite mid-range building in the city.  

#1414 1333 W Georgia St - This is the two bedroom, two bathroom plan.  It is also one level from the PH so it does command great value.  These units sell in the $650,000 range.

#201 4387 W 10th Ave - Roar One - This is the beautiful Point Grey loft building I mentioned.  It features very unique flexibility with the open loft style plan.  Larger units are priced closer to $750,000 which rarely come up.  The listing here has bad photos, here is a recent sale which had almost 1100 sq.ft, the photos show great: http://www.albrighton.ca/property_detail-1-135-8962.html.  This unit (#201) has a similar plan, only smaller, and on the W 10th side, so there is some traffic and bus noise during the day.  

#404 138 W 6th Ave - This is another unique building in Mount Pleasant near some light-industrail buildings, so it should be very quiet at night.  This space is great with a large open two level layout, a city-view patio, and over 1000 sq.ft.  It probably needs some renovations.  It is worth closer to $610,000 - $620,000.

#308 256 E 2nd Ave - Jacobsen - Here is a two bedroom, two bathroom plan at Jacobsen, the new building we spoke of.  The finish and design are very nice, I'm sure you will like it.  This unit also has Northern views over E 2nd Ave.  E 2nd Ave is a busy street, so there will be some traffic noise, but not much pedestrian noise as the area is mainly residential and light-industrial.  This unit is worth closer to $550,000 - $565,000.

#301 2635 Prince Edward St - Soma Lofts - This is a very nice newer building, they are not real lofts, but condos with good layouts, and 10' ceilings.  Generally the floor plans at Soma Lofts are very good, and always feel bigger than they really are. This is just off Kingsway and 11th Ave, but in a quiet little tucked away area.  The build design and finish in this building are very good.

#1007 328 E 11th Ave - Uno -
This is across the street from Soma Lofts.  This building just has a bit of a modern feel, but not lofts.  This unit is slightly pricy at $599,000 but offers plenty of space with over 1100 sq.ft. nice interior design, and in with some views.