The Numbers Behind Housing Development Course from UDI

Paul Albrighton just completed a course hosted by the UDI School of Development

"The Numbers Behind Housing Development". November 2009. 

This course offered great value for anyone in the real estate business.  The in-depth schedule included a detailed analysis of the following topics: how developers and consultants put together financial pro-formas before going ahead with a project, development appraisal, marketing and product strategies, project financing, and "behind the numbers" of multi-family and concrete high rise buildings.  Special guest speakers included Colin Bosa - CEO of Bosa Properties, Ben Taddei - COO of ParkLane Homes, and Jim McPherson - President of Realtch Capital Group Inc.  

"I believe it is crucial to keep up to date, and invest in the proper educated related to all aspects of the real estate business" - Paul Albrighton

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