Seymour Street proposed Truck Route

ATTENTION all condo and loft owners on Seymour St. 

This route may be turned into a Truck route allowing all trucks to run down into Downtown along this route.

If you are against this happening in your area - Write to City Hall, and register to Speak at the Vancouver City Council Meeting, against Seymour Street becoming a truck route.

This is of great import, re; noise and air quality, particularly for suites facing Seymour.  They claim that, because of RAV, there are now a few less buses on Seymour, so the city is proposing adding truck traffic to Seymour St.  They are proposing no time limit on the trucks, whereas currently buses  stop running at a certain hour.

With very little publicity, there was a small open house consisting of a few posters on easels in the lobby of the Roundhouse last month.  There was no handout to take away with the information on the boards.  People there made comments on the proposal, which supposedly have been taken into consideration in the final report which will come out approx: November 24th . The  contact at city hall to get a copy of the report is :
[email protected]    att:  Neil Peacocke