Kitsilano Vancouver Neighbourhood Information

Also known as Kits, Kitsilano is a residential area close to downtown Vancouver. It is bounded on the north by waters of English Bay, South by 16th Avenue, and Alma and Burrard Streets to the west and east.  Located in the area are shopping along West 4th Avenue, Broadway, east of Fir Street, and Yew Street. Kits also contains fine dining, Kitsilano Beach, green parks, museums, H. R. Macmillan Planetarium, and many more outdoor activities.  The community is made of many students, residents, and workers as it is close to the University of British Columbia.  Kitsilano has plenty of appeal for its boutique shops, west coast dining, parks, and beaches.  Many of the residents take pride in their neighbourhood and its natural attributes.  Most condominiums and townhouses are in low rise wood construction buildings as many of the streets have building height restrictions, and local resident are known to protect the community-styled living in Kitsilano.  There are only a few boutique loft and heritage styled buildings in Kitsilano.

Kitsilano Vancouver Neighbourhood Information by Albrighton_edited

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