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I recently had the chance to meet with Carl Langschimdt, the top loft realtor in Toronto, Ontario.  It was great meeting him and learning about Toronto lofts vs. Vancouver lofts.  Additionally we exchanged ideas in regards to web marketing, loft promotion, and business building techniques.  Carl, the leader of the team, runs a fantastic show.  They specialize working with loft buyers and sellers in Toronto, and have perfected a system getting their clients fully informed on specific loft buildings.  Langschmidt mentioned the difference between people hiring "Generalist Realtors" vs. "Specialist Realtors," and how it should not even be a question when it comes to buying or selling a loft.  Their effective web marketing, loft building expertise, and efficient client services keep them on top of the competition.  If you are looking to purchase a loft in Toronto go to: and you have my recommendation!