Paul Albrighton offers full service for Out Of Town Buyers

Are you planning to purchase a modern condo or loft in Vancouver and you are out of town?

If you are currently not living in Vancouver and are looking to buy a modern condo or loft, Paul Albrighton offers a full Purchasing Service for Out of Town Buyers.  

Paul Albrighton offers high services for out of town buyers.
 Services include:

1.  Emailed full list of selected listings within the criteria you decide.  This also includes full neighbourhood descriptions, information on local development plans, and sales history within a building or local area.  Paul Albrighton typically works with out of town buyers who are interested in architecturally special property for sale, including: live/work lofts, modern condos, stylish lofts, loft townhouses, and penthouses.

2.  Extra floor plans, photos, and personalized video tours (see below) of highlighted property.

3.  Emailed contracts with clear instructions for signing.  Daily updates on the status of your offer.

4.  Contacts for recommended inspectors, lawyers, notaries, and contractors.

5.  A proven track record for working with many out of town buyers.

6.  Expert opinion on building maintenance, condition, and up and coming property/buildings/areas.

7.  Full analysis to determine market value of a suite, using tax assessments, recent sales, price per square foot comparisons and more.

8.  An efficient network to help complete the transaction wherever you are.  

Contact Paul Albrighton at 604 315 5574 or [email protected] with your property creteria to begin your purchasing plan today. 

Most Recent personalized quick video tour sent to a out of town client: