Cheap Vancouver LOFT deals

 207 55 ALEXANDER ST – “55 Alexander” This is a loft style studio in a awesome Gastown location.  The street is very nice with boutique shops and character buildings, and only 5 minute walk to central Downtown via Water St.  This is nice open layout studio with classical elements.  This listing is very well priced as a one bedroom without parking unit was sold for $265,000 in November.  The only downside is this suite doesn’t have a parking stall.  Even considering it doesn’t have a parking stall it is still well priced and could probably be purchase for nearly $227,000 - $230,000.

# 511 22 E CORDOVA ST – “Van Horne” Here’s the loft you inquired on.  I’m excited for this listing as the price per square foot is spectacular.  Someone sold a 580 sq.ft. loft in November in the building for $250,000 – which was super cheap! These units sold for $330,000 - $350,000 in early 2008.

# 413 1 E CORDOVA ST – “Carrall Station” This is a loft across the street from Van Horne Lofts in Gastown.  It features a nice square layout, real hardwood floors, a balcony, and nice Northern views of Gastown and the mountains.  This is the suite I recommended.

# C8 238 E 10TH AV – “Studio 10” This is a unique Mount Pleasant loft.  It is quite industrial and seems to have a “unique layout”.  It could leave some room for your ideas/a renovation.

# 503 233 ABBOTT ST – “Abbott PlaceThis is a really neat Boutique loft style/New York style condo.  It was originally built in 1910 and was converted to high ceiling/exposed brick loft style condo is 1996.  This suite is nice and spacious and leaves lots of room for your ideas.  This property is priced well and it includes parking which is super rare for this classic building.  Here’s my blog post on this sutie:   

# 613 933 SEYMOUR ST – “The Spot” This property is the better of Downtown loft deals on the market.  This is renovated and finished to be modern styling, and it includes parking.  Similar units at “The Spot” that include parking sold for up to $380,000.