How to sell a Vancouver loft? Find the right agent.

How to sell a Vancouver loft? Who to choose?

#1 - Choose a loft specialist

Do not sell your loft with any realtor. Vancouver lofts are a special type of property that target a particular audience. A Vancouver loft specialist will typically know a building and comparable units, and most of all will possess knowledge of what the loft market is experiencing in terms of sales and listings. They can educate you and tentative buyers on your loft vs. what is on the market. In addition, they know what special features are important like ceiling heights,  loft orientation & layouts which are most desired, and a loft specialist also focuses the buyers' attention on what is best about the particular space.

#2 - Where do buyers come from?

Loft buyers don't only come from the MLS. This website receives thousands of new unique visitors each month from a variety of sources including: Craigslist, news print, loft mail outs, strategically placed "Vancouver loft" online ads, google paid ads and organic searches, networks of loft buyers, and numerous other search engines including yahoo, msn, live, etc. Make sure that the Vancouver loft agent you use has some sort of special or targeted advertising, that you believe can create a large flow of buyers.

#3 - Strategic Pricing

Testing out a high price can hurt your sale. If you start your listing at a very high price, you will probably end up chasing the market down. A listing's reputation is set from the beginning. Dramatic price reduction shows a sellers eagerness to sell and may be victim to very low offers or simply ignored. The initial way a listing is perceived from the initial list date is key. Most of a listing's activity is within the first four weeks. Do not choose you realtor based on the listing price they give you or accept. Choose your listing realtor for their service levels, marketing abilities, track record, and your overall perception of their business strategies.

#4 - What kind of service can you expect

Each agent has a different level of service. Be sure to ask what kind of on-going feedback you can expect once you place your property on the market. A seller's worst nightmare is to be left in the dark as their property gets stale on the market. Additionally ask yourself: does this agent do the showings themselves? Do they have assistants who actually do the ground work? How qualified are their assistants? Do they leave lockboxes for others? Are their assistants licensed and actually able to make claims about the property?

#5 - Finally

If you found this website and blog post where do you think buyers who think you and want a loft are currently looking?

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