Beach and Howe St / BIG Project Vancouver / 1400 Howe St Approved


beach and howe night show

Architectural Design
The project was first presented in February 2012, which immediately drew plenty of attention for its unique design and architecture. The stunning high rise tower and modernist podiums were designed by famous danish architect Bjark Ingles, of BIG. Finally in a unanimous vote by City Council on October 24th, 2013 the “BIG” 52-storey twisting tower was approved and will be built by Westbank. The renderings and development plans received plenty of positive feedback from the community and especially within the real estate industry. The dramatic architectural design, added density and public art instalments drove local support for this project.
I am most excited about the exterior design, the 52-stories of the building, and the local amenities that will be added to improve the area. The project already has potential buyers anticipating the sales launch.
It is very refreshing to see innovative architecture being added to the Vancouver skyline. The latest news is that sales will commence in early 2014, and construction following in September 2014. For more information and first access to the homes for sale at this project please contact me.

beach and howe courtyard
Project Details
The project will consist of a mix of residential (407 residential units) and commercial spaces, in addition to transforming the dead zone area under the Granville Street bridge with public art displays. The 10 storey podium will have a mix of rental housing (95 units), commercial spaces, and retail. Along the Granville and Pacific sites there will be 6-storey buildings providing additional office and retail uses.

For more details contact us at [email protected], the City of Vancouver details can be found on this link:

pacific st

art display

Above: 3D Rendering of the Art Installments planned for underneath the Granville St Bridge.


Beach and Howe St / BIG Project Vancouver / 1400 Howe St Approved


Chinese Version:

Beach 夹 Howe/温哥华大型项目/1400 Howe 通过审批。

 通过审批!“ BEACH 夹 HOWE” 现代风格商住两用大厦即将开工


Architectural Design/  现代建筑艺术设计

这个项目首次是在2012年二月向政府提交的。因为它独特的现代风格设计,项目一经提交就立即收到社会各界的关注。这个座炫耀夺目的高层,以及矮层基座楼是由丹麦 “BIG” 旗下著名建筑师 Bjark Ingles 所设计。在2013年十月24号,这座旋转式设计“BIG” 52层大楼以全票通过城市政府投票,即将由著名建筑商 Westbank 动土建造。设计效果图,以及开发计划收到社会各界的好评,特别是温哥华的地产界。夸张的建筑设计,外加人口密度的增加,以及公众艺术的元素是吸引本地社区支持的主要原因。我个人最感到兴奋的是它的外部结构设计,52层高层,以及对本地社区建设的帮助。虽然还没有动工,这个项目已经卖家跃跃欲试的期待它的首售日。我非常感到高兴的是看见这样前位现代的设计理念增加到温哥华的天际线里。最新的消息,大厦即将在2014年早期公开出售,2014年九月动工。更多资讯,以及第一时间购买此项目,请与我联系。

Project Details / 项目细节信息

本大厦由407个住宅单位,以及商业用途空间组成。把 Granville Street 桥下“死角”改造成公众艺术展示。十层矮层基座楼还包括95个出租单位,商业用途空间,以及零售店铺。

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art display

 以上是 3D 设计效果图在大桥下方展示艺术成分的计划。